Guide to getting enrolled

Guide to getting enrolled

To help you get logged in and started at college we have created this guide to guide you through the steps from getting your offer to getting logged in.

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1. Accepting Your Offer

Once you receive your offer you need to accept, so we know you are coming to college.

Offers can be accepted in the Applicant Portal.
If your offer has changed from Conditional to Unconditional, the new unconditional offer also needs to be accepted.

If you have a conditional offer, please check in case you have something you need to do.
We will check school exam results from 10th August and update offers.

If you are unable to take your place at college, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible.

If you need any help or advice please contact the Admissions Team

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2. Complete Your Induction

At this point you will be able to access your College induction through our Open Courses portal

Current students should note that the login is separate to your college login. This is in order to allow everyone to access the Induction before the new session starts whether they have enrolled yet or not.

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3. Fill out your Enrolment Form

Enrolling is not the same as applying for the course.
You need to enrol to get on the register for the class. We check your details are correct and will use these send your certificate when you pass the course.

The enrolment link will be sent automatically, but only when you have an unconditional offer and have accepted the offer. If you have a conditional offer you need to wait until the conditions have been met and your offer is changed to an unconditional offer.

If you need help with enrolment, please view our Enrolment Guide or contact the Student Records Team.

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4. Have you applied for funding?

You should apply for your College funding as soon as you receive your email activation link.  You have until 30th September to apply and submit all the documents we ask for otherwise payments are not backdated.  You must have a bank account in your own name to apply for funding.

If you need help with any additional costs such as childcare or housing you must apply through your Funding Account.

If you need any help with completing these applications, or your query relates to a SAAS application, you should contact our Student Adviser Team in the first instance at .

Should you have a specific enquiry regarding a submitted application contact the Student Funding Team at or log back into your Funding Account and use the Communication tab.

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5. Logging in to LearnNet & Office 365

Once enrolled a college account will be created for you and the login details emailed to you.

This will allow you to access LearnNet (where all your course materials & timetable can be found).

It will also give you access to Office 365 apps including MS Teams and Outlook.

If you have any problems logging in or do not receive your login details after enrolment – contact Digital Services by emailing

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For more information…

For help and advice we have a number of helpful guides to admissions on our Student Portal which you can check out here.