College Facilities

Library Services

The Library at Dumfries Campus and online library services are there for everyone.

The books are available for you to borrow to help with your studies. We also have a lot of fiction and well-being titles as well. Stranraer students can request books or help with referencing by emailing

There are also thousands of eBooks and eResources available for you. The Librarian’s can also support you with finding information, copyright and referencing.

Illustration of a young black woman with black hair reading a book while sitting on large oversized books.
A white man sits at a computer desk. A young white man sits on a bean bag reading a tablet. A black man in a wheelchair.

Learning Zones

Spaces have been created at both our Dumfries and Stranraer campuses to give individual students desk and computer space for quieter studying. Chromebooks can be borrowed at Dumfries Campus.

There will always be a member of staff on duty in all Learning Zones to offer IT support and advice.

Student Association

The Students’ Association (DGSA) exists to ensure that students are represented at all levels and across all programmes at Dumfries and Galloway College. Every student enrolled at the college, whether part-time or full-time, is automatically a member of the SA.

Our current student association President for 23/24 is Adnan Dogrultan with Vice Presidents  Annette Cameron (Dumfries)  and Leah Day (Stranraer).

Eating Out

Both campuses have a canteen which serves hot and cold food. As well as Zest our student training restaurants. Dumfries also has a cafe and a shop on campus.

Delicious lunch & express services are offered by our training restaurants to staff and students at both campuses during term time. The students produce and serve a three course lunch menu each week. The express service offers a range of tasty take away options.

Leisure and Recreation

Whether you are the active type or someone who prefers less strenuous activities there is something to suit all abilities.

Facilities available include: • Sports Hall • The Workout – Fitness Suite Lunchtime activities may be available and could include 5-a-side football, badminton and circuit training.

Illustration of a young man running and a young woman lifting weights.


Once you are able to attend the College Campus again it is advisable that you invest in a personal locker during your time at College to store your personal effects securely.

Lockers at both campuses will be allocated on the following criteria (in this priority order):

  • Full-time Students that carry potentially harmful equipment for practical classes
  • Full-time students who need to carry a change of clothing for practical classes
  • Full-time Students
  • Other

Locker Keys will be available from room 1007a (Dumfries) or Stranraer Reception and a £5 deposit* is required to be paid.

The deposit will be returned when you return your locker key.

Student Food Bank

Our Dumfries student food bank is located in room 1012b within The Point (one of the private offices – it has a Food Bank sign on the door).  Stranraer’s is based in the SA Office. 

If you are struggling you can pop in & take what you need for free, you do not require any form of referral to access this.

If anyone would like to donate to the food bank, donations can be left within The Point (Dumfries) or SA office (Stranraer).