Support Services

Student Advisers

Our Student Advisers are very approachable and are available to give guidance and support on a large range of issues including funding issues, money problems, housing, and any concerns you may have that affect your welfare or wellbeing.

When on campus you can find the Student Advisers based in the Point behind Reception at Dumfries Campus and in room G35A at Stranraer Campus

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Education Support

Sometimes you might need a little extra support to ensure you achieve your potential, this might be in every class, might be occasionally and the support can be received in different ways.

You can work with the student advisers to find the method which suits you best. It may be extra software on your device, it could be from our educational support worker or it might be extra time in assessments or exams. It can be daunting asking for the help but we believe it will help you achieve your course, remember you can always change your mind.

Personal Tutor

While at College you will have a Personal Tutor, this is normally one of your lecturers. Your Personal Tutor is here to support you along your college journey.

You will meet your Personal Tutor week during your Induction week.

If you have any questions about your course, have concerns – it could be about your life outside college or just need a chat you can always get in touch with your Personal Tutor. You should contact your Personal Tutor if you are going to be absent from college. If we don’t hear from you, you Personal Tutor or Student Adviser may get in contact with you.

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Student Finance & Funding

Our Student Funding team can help you with any questions you might have about applying for funding, when you get your payments, eligibility for discretionary funds, childcare funds or anything else related to finance and funding while at college.

If you have a question or are not sure what to do please check our Help Guides and FAQ.

Childcare Funds

All students may apply for assistance with registered childcare costs regardless whether studying on a full-time or part-time basis.

These awards are subject to household means-testing – support cannot be offered where the household income excees £30,000.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

We all have mental health, and it is just as important as our physical health. Mental health can be simple things such as feeling well and not well.

Mental health is how we feel and what we do, which is always changing.

When we feel good, we can enjoy being with others and wanting to take part in activities. But when we are struggling, we will start to become tired more quickly, meaning our moods and ourselves become not what we think.

Online Learning Materials

LearnNet is our virtual learning environment and is where most of you will find your online learning materials for your course. Some students will also find their course materials on DigiSkillScotland. Open Learning Students should receive an email detailing how to access their learning materials.

If you need any help with using LearnNet, you should talk to your personal tutor or your lecturer in the first instance. If you are having any trouble logging into LearnNet or DigiSkillScotland please email

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Class Reps

What is a Class Rep?

In a nutshell – to make College life the best experience it can be for you and your fellow students.  We firmly believe that involving our students is the best way to get the best results for both our students and our staff. 

Transport & Travel

If you are aged 21 or under then you can access free bus travel through the National Entitlement Card (NEC) or the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (Young Scot NEC).  Dumfries and Galloway College will NOT be reimbursing travel expenses if you are aged 21 or under.  Further details on free bus travel and how to apply can be found on the website

If you are over 22 and studying a full-time FE course at Dumfries and Galloway College then we will reimburse your bus travel if you have applied for travel costs on your bursary application.  Please retain your bus ticket and Reception at both campuses will reimburse your bus fare.

No travel will be permitted with your student id card.

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Student Records

Student Records are responsible for maintaining your enrolment, student information, course information, providing proof of enrolment, attendance information, registration with awarding bodies, arranging exams and results.

What we do:

  • Manage / Help with Enrolment
  • Assist with changes to personal details on your student record
    (email, address, ID Photo etc)
  • Register your Attendance with SAAS / SLC so that they release your HE bursary or loan
  • Management of attendance registers
    (we can help with any amendments needed)
  • Register you with Awarding Bodies
  • Arranging exams
  • Send you your results

We also produce letters that you might need as proof of enrolment or for applying for Council Tax – you will find these standard letters on the student portal in your account but if you need anything else (for example, a letter about previous study) just ask.

If you have any queries about anything to do with the above or changes needed to your student record, we will be happy to help you – just ask by emailing


If you are unsure of which course is best to apply for, or how to apply – don’t forget we have a very knowledgeable and helpful Admissions team here at the College ready to help you.

The team are also able to help you look at your progression routes and how you can look at where to find the best progression route for yourself – if you have already chosen a set career, this may involve going to Skills Development Scotland, an employer in your chosen industry or the University you wish to attend to find out what they advise as the best route for you.

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