Class Reps

Class Reps

What is a Class Rep?

In a nutshell – to make College life the best experience it can be for you and your fellow students.  We firmly believe that involving our students is the best way to get the best results for both our students and our staff. 

You’ll also gain valuable experience into democratic systems and how an organisation like the College works.  Experience like this can be valuable in proving your skills.  

If you become a Class Rep, you’ll be working closely with the Student Association President, the Vice President (Dumfries) and the Vice President (Stranraer).  Your key point of contact will be the Student Engagement Officer.  You’ll be invited to meetings each block so that you can meet with staff who can support you and get to know other Class Reps.

We look forward to welcoming you into your new role!  You can use the QR code below to sign up or fill in this online Class Rep Registration Form

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