Student Advisers

Student Advisers

Our Student Advisers are very approachable and are available to give guidance and support on a large range of issues including funding issues, money problems, housing, and any concerns you may have that affect your welfare or wellbeing.

The Student Advisers when on campus are based in the Point behind Reception in Dumfries and room G35A in Stranraer.

Advisers can be contacted on:
Tel: 01387 734 064/ 065 (Dumfries)
Tel: 01776 706 633 (Stranraer)

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Meet our advisers

Meet Stuart and Tanja who are two of our Student Advisers here at the college. While we are working virtually you can contact them using or the contact details below.

Stuart Clark

Student Experience Officer
Dumfries Campus
01387 734 064 / 734 065

Jo McKellar

Student Adviser / Educational Support Worker
Stranraer Campus
01776 859 637

Tanja Livingstone

Student Adviser
Dumfries Campus
01387 734 064

Lindsay Chrisholm

Student Adviser
Dumfries Campus
01387 734 057

Julia Smith

Student Counsellor
Dumfries Campus
01776 859 637

Refugeeā€™s and Asylum Seekers

Dumfries and Galloway College are committed to creating a culture of welcome and inclusiveness within our institution and we endeavour to reflect that in the support we provide Refugees and Asylum seekers.

We offer help and guidance from the pre-application stage including information on courses, funding, entry criteria and support available. 

Our college has named contacts who work within key teams who can help answer any questions you have about studying with us.

Claire Marshall
Student Journey Officer (Admissions, Pre-Entry Advice)

Stuart Clark
Student Experience Officer (Student Support)

Dumfries and Galloway College can support you in a number of different ways depending on your circumstances and needs. Examples of this support include:

  • Needs Assessment to identify support requirements
  • English language support 
  • Financial help
  • Fee Waivers
  • Admissions support
  • Counselling

Please get in touch to find out more. Making contact with us at the earliest opportunity allows us to provide you with the most effective support. 

Education Support

Sometimes you might need a little extra support to ensure you achieve your potential, this might be in every class, might be occasionally and the support can be received in different ways.

You can work with the student advisers to find the method which suits you best. It may be extra software on your device, it could be from our educational support worker or it might be extra time in assessments or exams. It can be daunting asking for the help but we believe it will help you achieve your course, remember you can always change your mind.

Financial Concerns

EMAs and Bursary Advice

For advice about your EMA or bursary the Student Funding team can help you with what you might be eligible for and how to apply for funding.

The Student Funding team can also help you with any queries about applying for funding or login issues with your funding application form.

Hardship Funds and SAAS

Our Student Advisors can help advise you about any hardship funds you may be eligible for, or any queries about SAAS funding, and Student Loans.

We can also provide information on budgeting and applying for Hardship funds to help with Childcare and Housing costs.

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Careers Advice

Skills Development Scotland offer support to college students of all ages to develop their career management skills and consider their options ahead of their current college course. This could be progressing to a higher level of college course, university, training or employment. You can find out more here

Skills Development Scotland offers 1:1 coaching appointments in Career Guidance and employability support, face to face in our public access centres (post-covid) or virtually. You can contact us through the details below:


Dumfries Careers Centre
The Loreburn Centre,
High Street, Dumfries

01387 272 500


Stranraer Careers Centre
7 South Strand Street,

01776 889 793

Skills Development Scotland are also on both campuses from 10am – 2pm at the Point in Dumfries and FAC in Stranraer.