ICT Acceptable Use Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

All students must agree to abide by our ICT Acceptable Use when using our services

The following acts will be considered misuse of College services and a breach of
the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Installing any software without the permission of the ICT Department.
  • Accessing in any form, unacceptable or offensive material including anything that can be considered racially, religiously, sexually, or politically offensive.
  • Cyber- bullying or harassment in any form.
  • Intentional damage to College ICT equipment.
  • Intentionally affecting ICT security systems or the disruption of network.
  • Using another user’s login information to access College resources.
  • Use of College systems for non-college related purposes.
  • Use of College systems or equipment for any illegal activity.

All internet traffic is logged and monitored.

You can read the full ICT Acceptable Use Policy by clicking the button below.

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