Student Association

Student Association

The Students’ Association (DGSA) exists to ensure that students are represented at all levels and across all programmes at Dumfries and Galloway College. Every student enrolled at the college, whether part-time or full-time, is automatically a member of the SA.

Our student association has elected Student President Adnan Dogrultan and Vice Presidents Annette Cameron (Dumfries) and Leah Dey (Stranraer) who are on hand to support you through your studies, whether that is college related or personal. You can also share ideas on how events you want to hold or groups to form.

Elections for Student Association President and Vice Presidents are held during Block 3. There may also be other Officer roles available for you to get involved in, this is a great opportunity to share your experience, add skills to your CV and meet students from across the college. Join the SA Facebook page and watch LearnNet for update.

Adnan Dogrultan


Leah Day

Vice-President (Stranraer)

Annette Cameron

Vice-President (Dumfries)