Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Remote learning code of conduct

All students must agree to abide by our IT Code of Conduct when using our services

  1. As with all Dumfries and Galloway College IT services, you are bound by our IT Policy
  2. When using MS Teams, you are expected to behave as you would in face to face settings.
  3. If you are joining a live online teaching session in MS Teams your camera and microphone should typically both be off unless asked to use them by your lecturer.
  4. If you are not engaging with the lesson and are giving cause for concern, your lecturer can remove you from the teaching session.
  5. Anything typed into the chat is stored and visible by all members of the team. 
  6. Anything you write into the chat area must not breach confidentiality.
  7. When using MS Teams chat you must not do anything that might be considered discriminatory against, or bullying and harassment of, another member of the College community.
  8. Where a breach of the IT regulations is considered to have come about through unacceptable behaviour, it will be handled through the College’s Disciplinary Procedure as appropriate.
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