Setup for studying at home

Setup for studying at home

We appreciate that not everyone may have a desk or office space at home, so we’ve written this guide on the ideal setup and also to give some tips on setting up a study space at home if you don’t have a desk.

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The ideal setup

Ideally you want to be sitting at a computer desk with an adjustable chair.

  1. Look straight ahead
    Monitor at eye level or just below and an arm’s length away. If using multiple monitors, angle them inwards to reduce neck rotation.
  2. Give your EYES a break.
    Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 20-20-20.
  3. ELBOWS and FOREARMS level with the desk surface, shoulders are down and relaxed. Adjust chair height or prop yourself up with additional cushions.
  4. FEET planted on the floor.
    A Footrest is ideal; alternatively, use a box.
  5. Keyboard and mouse positioned close to the edge of the desk to avoid unnecessary stretching. Don’t shrug SHOULDERS when typing and mousing; lower the work surface or adjust your chair height to avoid this.
  6. Sit BACK taking full backrest support. Adjustable chairs are ideal. For more lumbar support place a cushion or rolled up towel behind you.
  7. Keep THIGHS parallel to the floor,
    knees slightly lower than the hips.
  8. Regular MOVEMENT is key. Get up from your chair 2-3 times an hour for 30 – 60 seconds or 5-10 minutes every hour. Add dynamic stretches to daily routines as well as walking.

Handy alternatives

If you don’t have a desk you at a pinch you can use an ironing board and adjust it to a height that is comfortable for you to work at.

Try to keep in mind the tips for how to sit at a computer desk above and use a chair that enables you to sit comfortably at your makeshift desk.

Book a study space at college

We have a number of dedicated study spaces in college that you can book if you don’t have an appropriate study space at home.

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