We all have mental health, and it is just as important as our physical health. Mental health can be simple things such as feeling well and not well.

Mental health is how we feel and what we do, which is always changing.

When we feel good, we can enjoy being with others and wanting to take part in activities. But when we are struggling, we will start to become tired more quickly, meaning our moods and ourselves become not what we think.

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What is a mental health problem?

Everyone has their good and their bad days, which is completely normal and OK.  However, when those negative thoughts start to take over, then it’s maybe time to get support.

Everyone can feel worried or anxious for things such as an interview or a big meeting.  It’s when we feel these feelings all the time, that maybe we should look for help.

What are the causes?

  1. When things are difficult in your life
  2. Life experiences – such as a trauma like violence or abuse
  3. Problems with your physical health
  4. Pressure from school, work or money worries
  5. Relationships with parents, family or friends which are difficult
  6. Possible family history of mental health problems.
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Accessing Support at College…

We all struggle with mental health at times – it is just like when we get sick. Trust your instincts – if you feel that you need help, then seek help. You know you best!

At the college you can access Together All. Together All is a safe online community that can help support your mental health, 24/7 through online resources, other members and trained professionals.

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